Faith in God's Plan

Faith in God's Plan

By Jimmy Hill - Southport Campus Pastor
This morning I read part of Luke 8 where the disciples and Jesus were in a boat, and as they were sailing, a large storm came. The boat took in water, and it says they were in danger. The disciples wake Jesus who was sleeping, and exclaim to him; ‘We are going to die!’. Luke then tells us that Jesus rebukes the wind and the waves, and the storm comes to an end. Jesus then turns to his disciples and says; ‘Where is your faith?’

What a powerful question. ‘Where is your faith?’

We all face difficult circumstances in life at certain points, and sometimes we forget who Jesus is. It’s a healthy question to ask, ‘Where is your faith?’

Do you believe the same Jesus who rebuked the wind and the waves in Luke 8 can help you in your circumstances?

Do you believe God’s plan for your life is best?

Linking with this concept of faith, this Sunday we will be looking at the gifts of healings. At the end of the service we will have a time of prayer for those with sicknesses, illnesses etc. If the Lord is leading you in seeking such prayer, you might consider James 5:13-16 in preparation.
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